Moldavite has an important role first of all in medicine, as it is considered to be a stone with strong energy due to its meteorite origin. Because of its green colour it is widely used in practising traditional medicine in the countries of East Asia (green colour has a positive influence on the heart chakra).
Aura as an indicator of physiological changes
Scientific research of the past years proved the existence of an energetic layer (so called aura) surrounding the human body whose quality tells about the state of health of the person.
Modern scientific methods not only make it possible to measure the quality of this layer, but also to photograph it. It is possible, then, to use the capacities of a person to absorb natural energy from various non-traditional sources, without the individual realising it. Moldavite proved to be the most suitable energiser due to the quantity of cosmic energy it contains in the highest degree because of its exceptional origin. This fact was established by researchers on the basis of numerous comparisons of moldavite with other fifty stones. Such energy can be transformed into the human body, and so invigorate it. The human body can emanate the excess energy in the form of a clean aura. The energy supplied from moldavite corresponds to the quality of energy supplied to the organism by the basic chakra, whose correct functioning is essential for human life. The following two photographs provide a clear proof of this fact.

Aural photograph before activating
the biofield with moldavite

Aural photograph after activating
the biofield with moldavite

Scheme of chakra allocation:
chakra of vertex, violet chakra of forehead, blue chakra of throat, green chakra of heart, yellow chakra of umbilical cord, orange chakra of sacral, and red - basic chakra.

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